Q: Do I need to log into the website to access sepsis materials?

A: The latest Data Dictionary, PowerPoint presentations, webinars, and other information are available without login on the New York Sepsis Data Collection Portal home page.

Q: I am new to the NYS Sepsis Data Collection Portal. How do I get started?

A: To get started, visit the New User – Getting Started page on the Sepsis Data Collection Portal.

Q: What is a Group ID? How do I find my Group ID?

A: Group IDs are used whenever a user is authorized to submit data for multiple hospitals (e.g., a hospital system). The Group ID indicates which hospitals are included in the group. For example, if one user is responsible for submitting data for three hospitals, those three hospitals will fall under the same Group ID. Your Group ID can be found under "My Hospitals". All users are given a Group ID, even if they are only permitted to submit data for one hospital.

Q: How do I identify a facility's PFI?

A: To find a hospital PFI, please visit: https://www.health.ny.gov/statistics/sparcs/reports/compliance/pfi_facilities.htm

Q: My question was not addressed here. Where can I ask other questions?

A: For questions not addressed on this page or in the Data Dictionary, visit the Create a Helpdesk Ticket page.


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