Data Dictionary Questions


Q: How do I know which version of the data dictionary to use for a submission period?

A: The appropriate data dictionary version must be used to report cases for the corresponding discharge dates. Data dictionary versions and corresponding discharge dates can be found on the Data Dictionary page of the Portal. The cover page of each version of the data dictionary lists the discharge date from which the data dictionary becomes effective.

Q: How often will the data dictionary be updated?

A: To view the current schedule for the release of data dictionary updates, please visit the Data Dictionary page of the Portal. Updates to the Data Dictionary will be kept to a minimum and will be released only as necessary on a quarterly basis. Thus, it is possible that same version of the data dictionary may be used across multiple reporting periods. Registered users will also be notified via email and in the Announcements section of the Sepsis Data Collection Portal when new versions of the data dictionary are released.

Q: Should I report patients who have been transferred within the same facility as one or two cases when submitting data?

A: Hospitals that have within hospital transfer patients (i.e., patient transferred from one unit to another within the same hospital) should report the case as it is collected in the EHR. For example, if your EHR represents a patient transferred from a rehab unit to an acute care unit as a combined record in your EHR, please report this episode of care as one record, even if two separate bills are generated for the rehab and the inpatient admission. In this case, report this patient's Source of Admission based on the patient's initial presentation to your facility (i.e., the rehab unit in this example). If there are two separate records in the EHR, please submit it as two separate cases if inclusion criteria are met for each case. In this case, report the patient's Source of Admission as "4 – Transfer from a Hospital (Different Facility)," and report your own facility's PFI for the Transferred In and Transferred Out variables, respective to each record. In both cases, be sure to use the appropriate discharge disposition to accurately represent the case.


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