Data File Specifications and Corrections


Q: For alphanumeric/"Varchar" fields (e.g., 15), do we left pad with spaces, or do we simply submit up to the indicated number characters?

A: Left padding with spaces or other characters is not necessary. For alphanumeric/"Varchar" fields, submit up to the indicated number of characters.

Q: Will hospitals be provided a data collection tool to submit data for the sepsis initiative?

A: In 2021, the Sepsis Care Improvement initiative transitioned to a fully-digitized approach to data extraction. The current data dictionaries have been designed to eliminate the need for manual chart abstraction and to permit hospitals to utilize their information technology staff and electronic record systems to extract the necessary data. Hospitals will then upload the extract to the Sepsis Data Collection Portal as a TXT or CSV file, according to the posted file template provided on the Data Dictionary page.

Q: Can I upload more than one file during a given submission period?

A: You are free to upload as many files as you need during a submission period, however, each file must contain unique cases. If you attempt to upload a file that contains any cases that have already been submitted to the Portal, automated edit checks will result in the rejection of your entire file upload.

Q: I am responsible for reporting data for multiple facilities. Can I combine patient data across facilities into one file

A:If you choose to upload for multiple facilities, you may find it helpful to separate the cases into facility-specific files, however, it is possible to combine patient data across facilities into one file. If you choose to upload one file containing data for multiple facilities, please verify the reported Patient Facility Identifier (PFI) associated with each patient. In addition, attempts to upload data containing PFIs that are not associated with your user account will result in an automatic rejection of your data file by the portal.

Q: Does IPRO have access to my hospital's files submitted to the portal?

A: IPRO does not have access to individual files submitted by users. After submission, case data are imported into an internal database containing all cases submitted by all reporting hospitals, but the individual uploaded file is not retained separately. As such, we urge you to retain local copies of all files you submit to the portal.

Q: Where can I learn more about creating, opening, or submitting my data files?

A: Please see the File Creation and Submission Guide for instructions on file creation and submission.

Q: How do I make corrections to a file I have already submitted?

A: IPRO cannot correct individual cases or individual files. If you need to correct cases that have already been submitted, you must submit a request for the deletion of the entire file that includes the cases you would like to correct. You must then re-upload the file with the corrected cases, including the other cases that were removed by the file deletion request. To ensure that your facility has the ability to correct data that has already been submitted, it is vital that you keep local copies of previously uploaded files to facilitate this process. Neither IPRO nor NYSDOH has access to the TXT or CSV files submitted to the Sepsis Data Collection Portal.

  1. Request file deletion based on the type of submission you wish to correct (Adult, Pediatric, Partial).
  2. Await confirmation of deletion.
  3. Upload the corrected file.

You can request case deletions for samples, pediatric cases, or adult cases. To do so, click on the "Request a Deletion" menu item under the appropriate data submission navigation menu drop down ('Adult', 'Pediatric', or 'Partial').


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