Instructions for uploading your electronic (scanned) medical record for the Sepsis Data Audit


Instructions for uploading your electronic (scanned) medical record for the Sepsis Data Audit

  1. Place all of your electronic files of your medical records in a single location.
  2. Log into Drop Zone using the same username (your email address) and password that you created previously. There are only TWO Drop Zone users per hospital: a primary user and one back-up hospital user. As a reminder, Drop Zone is the same site where you uploaded your response to the NYSDOH Data Integrity Report.
  3. Once login is successful you will open the shared folder (entitled SepsisProject).
  4. User will now be able to upload files to this folder, by clicking on the upload button on the right side of the screen.
  5. The following box opens and you will click the “Add” botton in the top left of the box as shown below (which allows you to select the location of your files from your computer).  Select the file(s) from your file location and click “open”.  The files will be populated in the window.  When you see all of your files listed in the box, click “upload” (within the bottom of that same box  as shown below).  All of your files will now be shown/listed in your Drop Zone folder and you will then have completed submitting your records.

Hospitals may upload a single record or multiple records at a time.  Please submit your records as soon as possible but before the deadline.

Be sure to follow file naming convention:

Each record should be identified by PFI (Permanent Facility Identifier), UPI (Unique Personal Identifier) and due date deadline, in the following format: 9999_SMTHEE_09102015.
If records cannot be submitted by Drop Zone, a copy of the medical record may be faxed to (516) 403-5966. Medical records cannot be emailed or mailed.  Each requested medical record must be uploaded or faxed to IPRO by 9/17/2015.


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