Making a file deletion request


To make corrections, the entire file you uploaded containing the error must be deleted, and a replacement file including the corrected data is to be uploaded. We cannot correct individual cases. It is vital that you keep your previously uploaded files to help you in this process. We cannot send you your uploaded files.

Step 1. Request file deletion.

Step 2. Await confirmation of deletion.

Step 3. Upload the corrected file.

To request a file deletion, you can click on the "Request a Deletion" menu item under the "Data Submission" navigation menu drop down:

You can also reach this page by clicking on the "Request a Submission File Deletion" link inside of the box at the bottom of the "Exception Reports" page:


On this page just use the first drop down selection box to select the file you wish to delete and the second drop down box to verify your previously selected file. You must also include a reason for the request. Clicking on the 'Request a Deletion' button will generate a request for your file to removed from the system:

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