Hypotension Clarified


A minor change has been made to the Sepsis Data Dictionary 1.41 as a result of hospital feedback and a need for clarification.  The data element Hypotension has been modified to capture reporting when a patient does not have hypotension. 

The change is as follows:

(v 1.41) Hypotension Code 2  = No hypotension or elevated lactate

now reads

(v 1.42) Hypotension Code 2 = No hypotension


This change will not require a change to the data template. The template has been renumbered to 1.42, but no changes have been made to the file. Users may continue to use template 1.41 if so desired.

This change is effective for discharges on or after January 1, 2015.

Version 1.41 is no longer listed as official documentation, but can be retrieved from http://ny.sepsis.ipro.org/files/documents/1-41/dictionary.pdf

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