Transfer Facility Identifier (PFI, PFI alternative)


Transfer Facility can be identified by

  1. New York State PFI
  2. Federal ID
  3. State Code (for transfers from other parts of the United States not including New York State)
  4. Country Code (for transfers from international sources)

Wherever possible submit the transfer facility PFI. A list of New York State Permanent Facility Identifiers can be found at:


(In your Web browser, use CTRL+F to search the page)

If the transfer facility is not listed, it may be a federal entity, in which case please see:


If the transferring facility is not in New York State please submit the two digit FIPS State Numeric Code (see table below) to represent the transfer facility state. This is ONLY to be used when patients are transferred in/out of state therefore the code for New York will not be accepted for data submission.

If the transfer facility is not listed on any of these sources, and is an acute care hospital, please submit a ticket with the full name and state of the transferring acute care facility.

If the transfer facility is located outside the United States and is an acute care hospital refer to for the ISO alpha-2 code and submit the two letter country code.


NameFIPS State Numeric Code 
Alabama 01  
Alaska 02  
Arizona 04  
Arkansas 05  
California 06  
Colorado 08  
Connecticut 09  
Delaware 10  
District of Columbia 11  
Florida 12  
Georgia 13  
Hawaii 15  
Idaho 16  
Illinois 17  
Indiana 18  
Iowa 19  
Kansas 20  
Kentucky 21  
Louisiana 22  
Maine 23  
Maryland 24  
Massachusetts 25  
Michigan 26  
Minnesota 27  
Mississippi 28  
Missouri 29  
Montana 30  
Nebraska 31  
Nevada 32  
New Hampshire 33  
New Jersey 34  
New Mexico 35  
North Carolina 37  
North Dakota 38  
Ohio 39  
Oklahoma 40  
Oregon 41  
Pennsylvania 42  
Rhode Island 44  
South Carolina 45  
South Dakota 46  
Tennessee 47  
Texas 48  
Utah 49  
Vermont 50  
Virginia 51  
Washington 53  
West Virginia 54  
Wisconsin 55  
Wyoming 56  


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