Submitting zero cases


To submit zero cases for a given reporting period for a hospital, start by logging in:


Once you have logged in, on the right hand side you will see a list of hospitals that you report for, and if any hospital have zero case you will see a the link to take you to attest that you are submitting zero cases:

Once you click on the link you will need to confirm that you are submitting zero cases by click on the the "Attest" button:

After you have successfully attested, you will see a confirmation screen and on the right hand side your hospital that has zero cases will be in green:

You can also click on the 'Attest zero cases for another quarter' link to attest zero cases for a quarter other than the current one:


Clicking that link will bring you to a confirmation page where you can select applicable previous quarters; applicable quarters will have no cases uploaded for them in the portal.  Screen_Shot_2017-09-18_at_11.08.22_AM.png 

Selecting one of these cases and clicking the 'Attest' button will attest zero cases for the selected quarter.


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