Do I Upload One File Per Hospital? Per Month? Per Quarter?


Once you have logged in as a registered user, you will have the option to upload cases using the supported file format.

You are free to upload as many files as you need, however, each file must contain unique cases. Any file you upload that contains a case already reported for your account will be rejected in its entirety. You will need to remove that case and resubmit the file.

If you choose to upload for multiple facilities, you may find it helpful to separate the cases into facility-specific files, however, you are also free to combine them or group them in any manner that best serves your organisation.

You may upload cases throughout the submission period. There is no limit to the number of files or number of cases.

We urge you to retain all files submitted. We do not keep your files, they are destroyed as soon as they are validated. The data is stored separately. We cannot send your files back to you.

Once the portal is open, a service will be available to request deletion of inaccurate data.





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    Carol Lucciola

    I am new to the Sepsis coordinator role and I was wondering about the Tableau Report feature. When will that be LIVE and available to Richmond University Medical Center?
    Can I be please be included in the communication?
    Carol Lucciola 718.818.1948


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