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Q: Where do I find DropZone?

A: The sepsis clinical portal and DropZone are NOT the same location. Your DropZone account can be found at: https://mail.ipro.org/enduser/IPRO/en/login.html?v=5501. This link will bring you to the login screen.

Q: How do I add a new user to DropZone?

A: In order to change a primary user or add a back-up user to DropZone (not the clinical portal), the current primary user must send an email to sepsis-ny@support.ipro.us. Please include the new user's information (name, email address, and PFI(s) impacted). The facility's privacy officer must be cc’d on that email.

In the event that a facility does not have a current primary DropZone user, the privacy officer must send this email on the behalf of the requesting user. When the request is received, the user will receive a system-generated email ("Invitation to the hospital folder") with a link to create a password for DropZone, and the user will then be able to set up an account. The user will also be notified via the helpdesk ticket that this email was sent. Check the spam folder if the email doesn’t appear in the inbox. 

Q: Is my clinical portal user automatically the same as the DropZone user?

A: No. The clinical portal and DropZone are two separate entities. The clinical portal allows unlimited users, while DropZone only allows a single primary and a single secondary user who must be registered through IPRO. Someone may be a portal user to upload clinical data but may not have access to the DropZone site to upload medical records. If you are unsure who the users are, please send a help desk ticket to sepsis- ny@support.ipro.us. Also remember that when requesting user changes, specify whether it is for the clinical portal or DropZone and your hospital PFI. Your hospital's privacy officer must be cc’d in the helpdesk ticket for the changes to occur.

Q: How can I find the shared Sepsis Project folder?

A: If you only report to IPRO for the Sepsis Project, then when you log in to DropZone, you are already in the shared Sepsis Project folder. You will know you are in the Sepsis Project folder because you can see your audit case list. Upload the complete medical records here for the appropriate cases, and make sure that the files are not password protected. If you report to IPRO for multiple projects, then when you log into DropZone, you will see a list of folders on the left-hand side with the names of each project for which you upload files. Click on the "Sepsis Project' folder, and again, you will know you are in the Sepsis Project folder because you can see your audit case list. Upload the complete medical records here for the appropriate cases, and make sure that the files are not password protected.

Q: What are the instructions for uploading your electronic (scanned) medical records for the Sepsis Data Audit?

A: The instructions are as follows:

  1. Place all of your electronic files of your medical records in a single location.
  2. Log into DropZone https://mail.ipro.org/enduser using the same username (your email address) and password that you previously created. There are only TWO DropZone users per hospital: one primary user and one back-up user. As a reminder, DropZone is the same site where you uploaded your response to the NYSDOH Data Integrity Report.
  3. Once login is successful, you will either already be in the shared folder or you will open that folder (entitled SepsisProject). Review the “How can I find the shared Sepsis Project folder?” question and answer for clarification, if needed.
  4. The user will now be able to upload files to this folder by clicking on the upload button, located by the right side of the screen.
  5. An “Upload Files” message box will appear, and you will click the “Add” button at the top left, as shown below (this allows you to select the location of your files from your computer).  Select the file(s) from your file location and click “Open.”  The files will be populated in the window of the message box.  After selecting all of your files and when you see those files listed in the box, click “Upload” (at the bottom right of the message box).  All of your files will now be uploaded and listed in your DropZone folder. If successful, you will have then completed submitting your records. Hospitals may upload a single record or multiple records at a time.  Please submit your records as soon as possible but before the deadline.

*Be sure to use the proper naming convention for medical records. If records cannot be submitted using DropZone, a copy of the medical record may be faxed to (516) 403-5966. Medical records cannot be mailed or emailed.  Each requested medical record must be uploaded or faxed to IPRO by the deadline.

Q: What is the naming convention for medical records?

A: Each record should be identified by PFI (Permanent Facility Identifier), UPI (Unique Personal Identifier), and due date, all to be formatted in the following manner:


Q: What is the naming convention for medical records in multiple volumes?

A: In general, the naming convention for all medical record files is PFI_UPI_DueDate. For example:

  • 9999_SMTHEE1234_03142016

In the event that you need to upload the medical records for one patient in multiple volumes, please add numerical or alphabetical notations to the end of the naming convention. For example:

  • 9999_SMTHEE1234_03142016(A)
  • 9999_SMTHEE1234_03142016(B)

Q: I uploaded files into DropZone, and now they aren't here. Why can't I see them?

A: When files are uploaded into DropZone, we remove them from the DropZone server. If you successfully uploaded your files into DropZone and no longer see them there within 24-48 hours, it is because we already removed them from the server. You may submit a helpdesk ticket to sepsis-ny@support.ipro.us if you need confirmation of the receipt of your records.


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    Debra Sicurella

    I am currently locked out from drop zone, can please help me resolve this issue.

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    Kevin LaVelle

    Please submit a ticket to the Sepsis Data Collection Portal help desk via the following link:


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    Robinson-Edison, Carol

    I am now Primary user for my facility. I am looking for this survey that I am to complete, cant find it. Please advise

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